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Fire damage can have many more setbacks other than items burnt or destroyed by the fire itself. Heat, moisture, and smoke are also able to cause extensive damage to many locations in your home or business. Smoke can penetrate tiny crevices within the home, causing hidden damage and odor. There are several types of smoke that can each cause different types of damage. Our fire restoration team at Assurance Restoration understands how far smoke and fire damage may have spread in your home. They will conduct a full inspection to locate where the damage resides and what actions need to be taken. Included in this process, they will provide information on how to preserve unaffected areas, what items need to be replaced, and what cleaning methods should be utilized. At Assurance Restoration, we will also handle the cleaning and restoration processes in a quick and effective fashion. If you have experienced the pains of fire damage, let us help you get your life back on track. smoke damage restoration Provo UT