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There are very few events that would be as taxing as extensive damage to your houseSubstantial damage to your house can be an emotionally draining and financially taxing event. Fires affect countless homes every year and their damage can extend to far beyond where the flames burn. Smoke damage can reach even the smallest crevices in your house and can be tough to detect. Flood damage can also happen inside your house, due to a frozen pipe or some other factor. Paul Davis Restoration is here to help if your home has been victimized by one of these terrible incidents with leaking roof repair lexington. If your home has been flooded, our restoration specialists will remove all water, dry flooded areas, and remove any mold. These specialists are also efficient in total fire restoration and emergency disaster cleanup.|No one likes to think about extensive damage happening to their home or business. These buildings make up a large percentage of what we do with our time every day and it would be tough to continue our daily lives without these safe havens. Sadly, all homes and businesses are prone to be damaged by fire, flooding, vandalism, and natural disasters. Prepare yourself by finding a professional restoration service that you can call during an incident like this. Paul Davis Restoration has been providing cleanup and restoration services across the United States since 1966. We are focused on helping your family or your business regain your peace of mind after experiencing substantial damage. Some of the services you will find from Paul Davis include flood restoration services, mold removal, smoke damage detection, emergency disaster cleanup, and much more. You will always find dedicated customer service, as we strive to get your life back on track as quickly as possible. For the most professional clean up service you can find, call Paul Davis Restoration today.